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Turkey Reaping is the most ACTION PACKED, WADDLE SLAPPING, IN YOUR FACE way to hunt turkeys. Our team of Turkey Reapers, led by host Jeremy McCarty and Chancy Walters, travel the mid-west chasing down the toughest toms in the woods. 
Like challenging Mike Tyson to a bare-knuckle brawl, we challenge aggressive toms to the ultimit fight. With a decoy in one hand and our weapon in the other, getting in range just isnt enough. We don't measure our shot in yards, we measure them in inches.
We Crawl'em. We Sneak'em. We Reap'em

Welcome to the Turkey Reapers! 


Caution - There is risk when pretending to be a wild turkey during hunting season. Please be smart when Turkey Reaping.  We don't promote doing this on public land or in thick wooded areas. It's best to do in open fields.

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